2D/3D Animation, 3D Modeling, Blue/Green Screen Compositing, Broadcast Design, CGI, Compositing, Digital FX, Editorial, Graphic Design, Live Action Integration, Motion Graphics, Rotoscoping & Visual FX Now expectations are higher than ever. Your design needs to impact viewers to the point that they actually feel like part of what they're seeing. JH Media Design delivers state-of-the-art modeling, and animation.

Web Design

Web design Web design is one part design and one part technology. From our experience, it is the harmonious relationship between design and technology. Both components must be strategy focused and be easy to use. Project turn-around When building realistic goals that fit the needs of the clients. From the on-start of a project, JH Media can manage medium to large projects. Our clients Many needs, many industries, one web. Our clients come from a broad range of industries. Their needs vary. Their projects range from quick, one day, turn-arounds to year after year, multi-project management. We think globally and locally. Our clients do not just want technicians or designers, they want creative and experienced thinkers that love results. Pricing Clear and simple pricing can help clients make better decisions. Pricing plans are based on the level of effort and time a project will take. Pricing structures are project-centric: flat-rate pricing with itemized cost break-down for pre-planned projects and an hourly, task-based work process can be used for iterative or day to day support needs.

Logo Design

A JH Media design logo is tailored to fit the style you want to portray for your business. We are masters at turning your concept into works of art. Your business logo is the single most recognized asset of your company and increases the visibility of your business. A business logo design is your brand; it gains value the longer you use it. John produces professional logos without any shortcuts. Backed with years of experience is highly effective and efficient in completing your logo. Understanding your business is an important part of creating a custom logo for it. JH Media’s goal is to design a logo that gets noticed and remembered.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design is a communication process. The distillation of purpose, sentiment, and organization of thought are inherent attributes of quality design and graphics production. John is a Brand and Image specialist. JH Media offers the highest quality in service and customer support for the Best value for the money. Many companies require graphics production in an on-going basis: with print video and web ads placed into circulation with each new season or campaign. This is a great opportunity to keep the communication of organizations and businesses fresh and filled with energy. Graphic and visual communication is one of the vital instruments of this process. Branding Building and managing a brand takes multi-dimensional thinking. We can help to build graphic identity materials that conform to such tools and systems but maintain brand integrity.

Video/Motion Graphics

Digital Design Services are cutting edge interactive multimedia and motion graphics developer based in New York. Motion Design is an everyday part of our media experience. On TV, the web, and even some billboards now, you see movement. Movement is intrinsically more interesting than a still ad. But there are more details to be concerned with for motion design than most other forms of advertising. There can be restrictions on encoding, dimensions, frame rate, file format, file size, and more. Advanced computer software skills in: non-liner video & audio editing special effects graphics video & audio compression DVD and CD authoring